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Self-supply Installations

Our knowledge of roofs, their behaviour, protection from the elements and load capacity has enabled IASOL to develop photovoltaic systems on logistics warehouses, machining workshops, shopping centres, industrial facilities and residential homes.

There are many advantages to be gained from self-supply: high efficiency, low temperature coefficient, good performance in low radiation conditions, and good performance in unfavourable inclinations and orientations.

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Isolated Systems

An isolated system is the perfect solution when electricity supply from the national grid is too costly, technically difficult or even impossible.

In these cases, photovoltaic installations are the cleanest and most affordable alternative because they use the sun's energy either directly or store it in batteries.

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Solar Plants

The development and construction of solar photovoltaic installations is one of our main activities.

We offer a comprehensive engineering service for energy projects: from completion of feasibility and financing studies, to engineering project design and bid process, construction, maintenance and technical consultancy.

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Just like any industrial installation, a photovoltaic power plant requires constant maintenance to ensure correct operation.

The operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar installations is something that should be done with professional resources. For that reason, we have a qualified expert team that specialises in the various technologies used in this sector capable of offering a customised maintenance plan tailored to the needs of the installation in question and each client.

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Industrial Installation and Maintenance

IASOL has extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of low- and medium-voltage installations and transformer substations.

Installation maintenance leads to optimum power plant operation by keeping the equipment, buildings and installations in a condition to fulfil the purpose for which they were designed according to the specified capacity and quality. This means they can be used under safe and economic conditions based on a certain level of occupation and a usage schedule defined by the production requirements.

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